Colorful Chung Da

Colorful Chuang da

At Chung Da we advocate for the philosophy of happy life and work, which are made possible by various rich entertainment activities happening around us!

At Chung Da, there are a badminton club, outdoor club, fitness club, reading club, growth society, and various training programs.。

Recorded here are our hard work, tears and joy, witnessing the employees’ perseverance, passion, and growth as well as their pursuits and dreams.

Sharing is the cornerstone for individuals, teams, and the company to succeed, of which we at Chung Da have an in-depth understanding. When interacting with customers, suppliers, and employees, we uphold this philosophy of sharing, by which we have succeeded and been recognized.
An enterprise has to depend on each of its hardworking, loyal, and excellent employees, that is, its development closely relates to the growth of its employees. We at Chung Da attach great importance to building a platform for our employees to grow with us. We have founded Growth Society, whose first bunch of trainees have graduated with excellent performance and are better prepared for taking on new challenges in their work.
Talent Show
We at Chung Da provide a stage for our employees to show their talent, enrich their lives after work, lighten up the working atmosphere, and inspire the young passion and teamwork spirit in them. They have been actively showing their talent on this stage in order to achieve self-transcendence.
Gratitude is the best representation of responsibility as individuals and a company. We at Chung Da understand that it is our basic requirements to be grateful to our parents, families, colleagues, the company, and society – of which we have been proud.