NXP Unveils POS Reader Solution to Better Support Electronic Payment Market

Date:16-05-20 Source:恩智浦
Platform Solution to Drive Promotion and Innovation of Payment Methods

Key Points

  • NXP’s POS reader solution adopts a complete PCI 4.1 and EMVCo pre-certification design

  • Integrated hardware and software, convenient for development, customization, and quick market promotion

Austin, Texas, May 17, 2016 (NXP FTF 2016)– NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) unveiled the SLN-POS-RDR, a POS reader solution that will enable customers to develop and launch secure contact and contactless payment systems onto the market. The rapidly evolving electronic payment market provides brand-new innovation elements, application cases, and integration for the latest payment devices. Leveraging this opportunity, market leaders, startups, or even new entrants providing service for retailers but never offering payment service can access more secure and convenient payment technology available in many fields. By providing a well-tested and certified POS reader solution, NXP enables designers to start their design work directly and innovatively without being limited by the traditional threshold.

    “While developing the POS reader solution, we worked with customers and expected to see diverse final products based on this secure payment solution. It opens a door for the businesses hesitating and looking for opportunity – unconventional payment forms and innovative application cases are giving rise to brand-new payment business models,” said Rudy Stroh, Security and Connection EVP of NXP.

    From TV remote control and STB in smart home interconnected service to smart desktop payment system in the catering and retail environment, the POS reader solution is massively promoting the application of the secure and convenient contactless payment method.

    This solution represents the first effort of NXP to carry out an in-depth combination of its market-leading contact POS reader solution (TDA8035HN), high-power NFC contactless front-end solution (PN5180) in traditional product series, and Kinetis’ security micro controller (K81). It passed PCI 4.1 PIN PED certification and contact and contactless EMVCo pre-certification. To further accommodate to developer requirements, this solution will be preinstalled, and pass production-grade testing.

    George Jiang, CTO and VP of iD Tech, said, “NXP’s POS reader solution undoubtedly proves their commitment to the POS market – which is a niche market requiring advanced expertise and ability to accommodate to industry certification and standards. NXP has integrated hardware, software, and certification into this platform that is so easy to use. This greatly increases our confidence in their technology. It will enable us to spend more time on innovation and market our products more quickly.”

    Thanks to its high level of integration, this solution simplifies customers’ certification and development by integrating PCI and EMVCo specifications, thus saving them up to US$10 million in development and certification costs; it shortens the time to market by months and reduces the risk of certification failure.

Time to Market

    The POS reader solution is now available for main customers, while shipments will be made to new customers in the third quarter. For ordering information and more information about this solution (including hardware, software, and technical documentation in entirety), please visit www.nxp.com/SLN-POS-RDR. To learn more about the reference design and information about the solution, please visit www.nxp.com/NXPDesigns.

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