To Meet New Application Requirements, WINBOND Launches Low-capacity DDR3 SDRAM

Date:16-11-24 Source:Winbond

    Nowadays, information and electronics devices are getting increasingly compact and energy-efficient as a trend. For the whole system to work smoothly, such devices should be equipped with memories having such characteristics as high speed, low power consumption, and compactness. Fully understanding customer requirements, WINBOND as a leading specialty memory manufacturer offers a low-capacity 512MB DDR3/3L SDRAM, the first of kind in the industry. Besides a lower capacity and high speed of 1600Mbps, this SDRAM complies with industrial standards and can work at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 105℃. In addition, with its years of in-depth understanding and experience in various applications, WINBOND has made the product highly compatible and stable via an excellent design so that it can show extraordinary performance and be applied widely in various consumer and industrial platforms such SSDs, network communication, printers, and energy equipment.

    This product has two I/O interfaces and encapsulation or packaging forms, namely the x8 FBGA-78 and the x16 FBGA-96, as options, while these encapsulations are compliant with ROHS and JGPSSI. Besides encapsulations, WINBOND provides customers with the special service of Known Good Die (KGD). Starting from the stage of development planning, it fully considers various technical requirements by customers using KGD in System in Package (SiP); it proceeds to adopt such considerate designs as one side edge pad, which not only improves the ease of use for customers but also reduces costs.

    In response to increasingly diverse market demands and application differentiations, terminal systems often need to adopt more resilient designs that have to go with memories of appropriate capacity, speed, and working voltage. WINBOND has a complete series of DRAMs, mobile memories, and flash memories to meet customer requirements for such products; it boasts a professional engineering team and a 12-inch wafer factory to ensure the quality and adequate production capacity of its products and provide total and highly competitive solutions.