An integrated stepping motor-driven controller based on the GD32-RS232 interface

      As an integrated modular solution, this application combines the traditional controller, driver, and arithmetic into one module, and it is also called a Black Box. The user only needs to be concerned about the interface without having to understand the circuit design and program architecture inside the box. This interface can adapt to the control by multiple hosts, such as PC, MCU, FPGA, and PLC. The box can complete more than 95% of the user’s work– the user only needs to deal with the remaining 5%. In this way, he can rapidly finish the system setup of the platform.

        Meanwhile, this application can well verify the anti-interference and reliability of the GD32 as a system; without any separation between the MCU and the driver, the working of the MCU is not affected by the momentary switch-on/off of the motor. As the solution has been developed from the user perspective in the early stage of design, it meets the expected functional requirements:

1. Simple interface – RS232 (Tx, Rx, GND)

2. Simple instruction – Command + parameter

3. Simple operation – Instruction-based operation for motor switch-on/off and acceleration/deceleration control.

4. Simple structure – Compact with heat sink.

Stable performance:

1. System stability – Interface isolation, over-current protection, and high-temperature shutdown

2. Smart algorithm – Automatic selection of a trapezoid or triangular deceleration waveform; 42 motor can reach up to 2500RPM when idle.

The controller scheme for the integrated stepping motor driver is as follows:

Highly efficient cooling system:

1. Characteristics of motor drive

Wide voltage input: 12 ~ 24VDC

20-stage adjustable phase current output; 2A peak current maximally; online instruction adjustment.

Control in micro steps of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32; online instruction adjustment.

Double-H bridge constant current control; command adjustable online for release/enablement

Automatic low-current locking to reduce power consumption.

Suitable for 57 and the following four-line two-phase stepping motor.

Suitable for 1.8° and 0.9° step angle motor.

Idle rotational speed up to 2500RPM

Maximum operating steps: 1 ~ 4294967295

Over-temperature/over-current protection

2. Characteristics of Communication

RS232 three-line serial port communication

Baud rate of 19200

Communication interface opto-coupler isolation

3. Features

Control, drive, and algorithm in one

Instruction-based control, making debugging convenient and application simple

Smart acceleration/deceleration algorithm, improving electric motor performance

Compact structure, convenient for installation and system integration

Advanced motion control algorithm, smart linear acceleration/deceleration control

Configuration parameters can be controlled and stored via instructions and can be accessed through instructions.

Instructions simple and easy to operate

Foolproof user interface, easy to operate, transplant, and develop

4.Photos of Real Devices: