The Set Top Box (STB) is a device connecting the TV set to the external signal source. It converts compressed digital signals into TV contents and display such contents on the TV screen. The signals can come from cable, satellite antennas, broadband network, and terrestrial broadcast. In addition to the images and sounds provided by analog TV, the STB can receive digital contents, including an electronic TV guide, Internet webpage, and subtitles, so that the user can watch digital TV programming on TV and carry out interactive digital entertainment, education, and commercial activities via the Internet. 

       STBs can, by standards, be classified into DVB-S, DVB-T, DTMB, and DVB-C. Functionally, they can be categorized into one-way STBs, two-day STBs, and IPTV STBs.

Main Solutions:

一) 256Mb DDR1 (XH) promotions in STB: AVL8332EAY, Hi2307.

二) 512Mb DDR3 promotions in STB: M88CC6000

Leading WINBOND Models: W9425G6KH-5