NXP LPC82x Series MCU

Date:16-11-24 Source:Chung Da
    The LPC82x series MCU is the latest product in the LPC800 series, also based on the ARM Cortex M0+ core. It is built on the LPC81x by adding a high-speed high-precision analog-digital converter module, a larger array of serial interface devices, and a larger program storage space; it provides more complete analog features for the LPC800 Cortex-M0+ series. Its peripheral modules include the hardware CRC computing and check module, four I2C bus interfaces, up to three UARTs two SPIs, one multi-rate timer, one wake-up timer, one SCT (state configurable timer) one DMA controller, one 12-bit ACD module, one analog comparator, unique switch matrix (achieving free allocation of the I/O port), and up to 29 general-purpose I/O ports.
Core and system
●  Adopting the latest Cortex-M0+ core and working at a frequency up to 30MHz
●  The dynamic energy consumption of the Cortex-M0+ core is just two thirds of that of the Cortex-M0
●  Supporting I/O interface cyclic access
●  Incorporating a vector table remapping register and able to remap the abnormal vector conveniently
●  With a built-in Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC)

●  Integrating a Micro Trace Buffer (MTB)