NXP Kinetis E Series

Date:16-11-24 Source:Chung Da
    With the industry’ most powerful extensibility, the Kinetis E series has two products newly added – the KE1xF and the KE1xZ, both designed in Suzhou, China. With their MCUs adopting the ARM Cortex-M core, both products have a higher storage capacity, inherit more anti-interference IP, and see their performance improved significantly.

    The Kinetis KE1xF MCU, based on the high-performance ARMCortex-M4 core, works at a frequency up to 168MHz. Integrating the CAN 2.0B-compatible FlexCAN module, it provides industrial application-oriented high-reliability serial interfaces and a diversity of communication interfaces including LPUARTs, LPI2Cs, LPSPIs, and FlexIO.

    The ARMCortex-M0+-based Kinetis KE1xZ MCU works at a frequency of 72MHz. It provides a flash memory up to 256KB and a RAM of 32KB, plus a complete set of analog and digital features. It comes with a TSI touch control module with strong anti-interference capability, which provides excellent reliability and precision for the customer’s human-machine interface. Its 1-MspsADC and FlexTimer modules provide a perfect solution for the BLDC motor control system.

    This series’5V solution can be applied to the circuit breaker, motor control, high-end home appliance, smart lighting, and so on.