The router, also called the gateway, is used to connect multiple logically isolated networks, while the so-called logic network is a standalone network or a sub-net. When data is transferred from one sub-net to another, the transfer can be completed through the routing feature of the router. Therefore, the router has the function of judging the network address and selecting the IP route. It can create flexible connections in an environment where multiple networks are interconnected; it can interconnect various sub-nets through completely different data packets and media. The router only receives information from the source or other routers and is an interconnection device at the network layer.

Supporting solution:

一)256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb DDR2 promotions in 802.11n WAP:

MT7620A, MT7628A, MT7688, RTL8197D, AR93xx,

QCA95xx, IPQ400x, BCM5357x.

二)512Mb~2Gb DDR3/L promotions in 802.11ac WAP:

MT7623, RTL8197F, IPQ806x, IPQ40x8, BCM4709, BCM47189.

Leading WINBOND Models: W971GG6SB-25  , W9751G6KB-25, W631GG6KB-15